Dish Restaurant Is A Southern Dream

Dish is a southern dream. When you first walk in, you feel like you’re in an episode of “Happy Days”. There is a bar with swivel stools sitting next to the kitchen. The kitchen is enclosed but there is a window where the cooks put the food when an order is ready. Above that window is an old school Hershey’s ice cream sign that you would find in an old school diner. You immediately feel at home and once you take a seat and look at the menu, you know you’ll be getting a meal that tastes like it was made by grandma.

I started off ordering one of the appetizers; Parmesan Potato Poppers. They are mashed potatoes put in a fried ball of dankness. You can choose between a horseradish dill or parmesan peppercorn dip and the peppercorn dip is definitely the way to go because it pairs so well with the parmesan that is already in the popper. I should have brought someone with me to share because they do not hold back on how many they give you. It can easily be split between 2 or 3 people and it was only $6.00.

Parmesan Potato Poppers

For my actual meal I went with the Buffalo Bleu Pita and a side of their Macaroni and Cheese. The pita came out super fresh and warm and it was wrapped in foil so you won’t make a mess. The chicken has quite a kick to it from the buffalo sauce and it was shredded to perfection. It is topped with lettuce, tomato and onion. I think it could use some more bleu cheese but I am a cheese lover so I can always have extra cheese on anything and everything. All in all, it was quite delicious and fairly healthy.

Buffalo Bleu Pita

The mac n’ cheese was nothing special but it wasn’t too shabby. It’s a decent southern mac that makes you think of grandma, but again, I would have enjoyed more cheddar. I have had better but overall it was tasty and cheesy. They give you a decent amount too; with a dab of salt and pepper, you’ll be good to go!

Mac n Cheese Side

My favorite part of Dish is their love for all things vintage. When I ordered my Coca-Cola it came out in an old school glass bottle. I had extreme appreciation for this because who doesn’t love a good classic not to mention they only have Pepsi products on tap, so seeing my beloved Coke on the menu made me smile with glee. They charge a little extra but I did not mind.

Bottled Coke

If you enjoy southern staples and a great atmosphere then this place is for you. Everyone I came in contact with was incredibly kind and great at their job. There is plenty of seating inside and outside and they just allow you to walk right in and seat yourself. There are antique plates plastered on the walls as well as vintage art work. From the moment I walked in, I could just feel the southern hospitality and that “small town feeling”. I would most definitely love to dine here again and recommend anyone who visits Charlotte to make a Dish stop.


Shannon is originally from Virginia which is why she chose to live in a place surrounded by pimento cheese and biscuits and gravy. Southern comfort food is her weakness as well as pizza, which could explain her obsession with the ninja turtles. Her full-time job is as a meeting specialist at the Westin Charlotte but she tends to think of herself as a professional cheese eater and cookie monster. Music, movies and writing may be her passions but food is her life.

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