Authentic Mexican Food With Some Huntersville Influence

On the corner of Eastfield and Prosperity Church Rd, in a neighborhood shopping center in the outskirts of Huntersville, you will find a quaint Mexican Cantina style restaurant called Three Amigos. The ambiance is casual, lively and friendly, catering to a nice variety of dining parties
and hungry bellies.

Pork Al Pastor, Veggie Taco, Shredded Chicken Tacos

Three Amigos properly lives up to its Spanglish name, staying true to its Mexican roots with a few non-traditional twists which add character and flare to their menu. In addition to the array of typical authentic Mexican dishes, you will also find not so typical sweet plantains, empanadas and the gracious option of lettuce wraps in place of tortillas. The menu also offers tasty vegetarian dishes, rich in flavor and abundant in fresh vegetables. Their friendly staff is happy to substitute, adjust or simply remove an item from a dish.

The bar is small but does offer a seating area. Behind the bar the bartender is busy at work crafting well balanced and fresh drinks. The “Margarita de la casa” is prepared with freshly squeezed limes, (no sour mixes here) and tequila, which is nicely showcased not hidden. It is offered for a reduced price on Margarita Friday. Their “Mojito Cubano” is my favorite, featuring castillo white rum, fresh mint, sugar and lime muddled and served in a tall ice-cold glass. It has a nice balance of sweet and sour. A must try! Also offered at a reduced price on Mojito Wednesday. The drink menu is ample and offers something for everyone including all sorts of tequila, seasonal local craft beers and Mexican beers.


I frequently dine at Three Amigos because it is in my neck of the woods and is consistently delicious. On all of my visits I have been seated quickly and welcomed with chips and salsa on the house, and they seem to be bottomless. Appetizers include “Supreme Nachos” which come fully loaded and overflowing with fresh ingredients, shrimp cocktail, cheese dip and table-side
guacamole. The shrimp cocktail is stellar! It is served in a large margarita glass with saltine crackers on the side. The large shrimp are perfectly cooked and drowned in a citrusy tomato based sauce with sliced avocado, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, lime and a touch of sweetness. Note: they do not skimp on the shrimp.

Shrimp Cocktail

Taco Tuesday delights us with $2 tacos (ground beef, chicken or chorizo). I have had every taco on the menu except for the “Gringo” and let me tell you, they do not disappoint. Most tacos are served on corn tortillas. The “Veggie” tacos are unique. They are served on flour tortillas and stuffed with a crispy cheese (which is heavenly) and sautéed zucchini, onions and tomatoes. Fish
tacos are also served on flour tortillas. They can be ordered fried or grilled and are topped with a dressed cabbage/mango slaw. I have ordered these fried and grilled and while both are tasty, fried takes the taco! It provides a crunch factor that I find mildly addicting.

While all tacos are on point, I would have to tip my hat to the “Cabeza” tacos as they are quite possibly my favorite item in the whole menu. They are served traditional style on corn tortillas with chopped onions and cilantro. The beef is trimmed, shredded and so tender it falls apart in your mouth. Simply put: they are awesome! If you like spicy sauce ask for their green and
orange sauces. They are smokin’! The orange sauce, sometimes called “ladrillo”, is serious business.

Traditional Cabeza Tacos

On my most recent visit I had the Filete Empanizado (a lightly breaded and fried white fish) and the Pollo en Mole (shredded chicken doused in a complex gravy consisting of numerous ingredients, a key one being chocolate). This was my second time ordering the Filete and it was good but regrettably not as good as the first time. The filets were much thinner and I found myself squeezing more than the usual amount of lime on it to enhance the flavors. This was my first time having the Mole and it was solid. Looking deeper into the aromatic dark sauce, I found that it perfectly encases all basic tastes including the much desired umami. Most dishes are served with yellow rice and creamy refried beans, unless otherwise noted. Some honorable
mentions include the Enchiladas Verdes – with a delectably tart tomatillo sauce that will have you craving it for days and the Chimichanga.

Filete Empanizado

Lastly, and lest we forget, dessert! By this course, I am usually stuffed and ready to roll my way out the door. However, I have ordered dessert in the past. I will mention that they are easily shareable as are most of the dishes discussed thus far. They offer classics like fried ice cream, churros, and flan, to name a few. While the fried ice cream is definitely a crowdpleaser, the
churros seems to be the most popular dessert offered and understandably so. The sweet and slightly dense dough is perfectly fried, dredged in sugar, nicely stacked on a plate, topped with a healthy amount of whipped cream and served piping hot with a side of chocolate sauce to dip in.
Who could ask for anything more?



Lissette is a Miami native who was raised heavily on Latin-American cuisine.  She moved to the Charlotte scene in 2005, where she discovered life outside of palm trees and pastelitos.  Lissette is fluent in Spanglish, movie quotes and song lyrics.  When she’s not eating her way though the Queen City, she is helping moms feed their babies as a lactation consultant.  Shes all about food!

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