Rai Lay is Railay Good Thai Food

 The best part about living in Charlotte and working “in the city” is the plethora of new restaurants that seem to be opening daily. Even better than these restaurants opening is my ability to walk to all of them from my office, getting that break from sitting at the computer is heavenly.

The newest restaurant to catch my eye during my lunch time stroll was Rai Lay on South Blvd. Rai Lay is under the same ownership as the popular Myers Park Deejai Thai restaurant which serves up traditional Thai dishes. What sets Rai Lay apart from its sister restaurant is the street food concept they’ve taken on. It’s a totally different menu and atmosphere.

Ramen from Rai Lay

Ramen from Rai Lay

Rai Lay, named after the beach in Thailand, highlights incredible street food you would eat while walking the streets of Thailand including oyster pancakes and basil chicken. I had an incredible waitress her name was Pooh. Seriously, request her and your experience will be even better than you expect.

Pooh recommended I try the Basil Chicken, a ground chicken dish served with rice, or Kao Soy, a curry noodle dish. I went with Kao Soy because I love Thai Curry more than anything!

Kao Soy

Kao Soy, a Curry Noodle Dish

Pooh brought out a small plate of edamame for me to snack on while I waited for my meal, and when the Kao Soy arrived I was in Heaven. The aroma of savory curry noodles, chicken broth, lime, fried shallots, bean sprouts, cilantro and fresh red onion all hit me at once and I had to dig in.

The entire bowl was topped with crispy noodles, but I took most of them off because there was plenty of hot noodles in the bowl. The dish was a combination of sweet with spicy curry all at once, it was simply amazing. I honestly might order it every time I go back to Rai Lay, but the Basil Chicken and Pad Thai looked delicious too.

Rai Lay wants the people of Charlotte to know they have an incredible atmosphere and an extensive cocktail menu, which is perfect for a night on the town.

Try Rai Lay out ASAP and let us know how you like Rai Lay!

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